Over the last 5 years, the world has seen the rise of high profile cybercrime. When asked recently during an industry study a majority of CIO’s said that Information Security was their number 1 business priority. We have extensive experience in assisting trusted brands to protect their IT infrastructure and their customer’s information.

We have been instrumental in helping companies build Information Security and SOC teams across the UK & Europe.

Roles Covered: Security Architect, SOC, CISO, Information Security Specialist, Risk, Governance & Compliance

Cloud & Infrastructure

90% of all enterprises are now on the cloud. The market has seen rapid development over the last 10years seeing cloud platforms like Azure, Salesforce, IBM, SAP, GCP and AWS become the go-to for customers to easily and securely access and store their data. The professionals that help businesses achieve this goal are highly sought after and are more and more in demand.

Roles Covered: Architects / Specialists, Networking, and IT Support & Infrastructure

Data Analytics, Science & Insight

The world generates over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. In the last 2 years, the global economy has generated 90% of all the data in existence. Businesses must manage, protect and understand this tidal wave of data and use it to craft better products and experiences for their customers. Data Science, Analytics and Insight give businesses the tools they need to make sense of the noise and see patterns in the chaos.

Roles Covered: Data Analyst, Insight Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Architect, and Head of Function

Digital Media

Global digital ad spend will reach $389 billion in 2021. It grew from 40% to 51% of all media spend worldwide in the space of a year and it is now the largest segment in the global advertising/media marketplace for everyone from fast growing SME’s to the largest global brands. We recruit for the businesses that have made this transformation happen and help them find the specialists they need to compete in a highly competitive market.

Roles Covered: Paid Search, Paid social, Display, Programmatic, SEO, Digital Project Management, Account Management, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Email/CRM Marketing, Social Media and Design/Creative.

Software & Web Development

Software and Web Development has become increasingly varied and sophisticated as the digital devices we use become more and more powerful. Whether you’re talking about Mobile Apps, SAAS products or e-commerce websites serving millions, the engineers and developers behind the code that makes them work are highly in demand. We’ve helped businesses across the UK & Europe for the last decade shape an attractive and persuasive offering for engineers.

Tech Covered: Java, JavaScript, Python, C#. Net, PHP, Ruby, C++, Swift, Kotlin, and Architecture

Delivery & Change

A recent study has shown that over 68% of IT Projects fail. The most successful companies recognise the importance of having high performing project management teams to deliver change across their businesses’ needs. We work closely with organisations to find trusted and experienced specialists to enable them to meet their goals.

Roles Covered: Project Manager, Delivery Manager, Programme Manager, Business Analyst, PMO, Change Manager, Head of function.

Product & User Experience

User Experience and Product specialists share the same goal, to craft amazing products and experiences for their audience. Although they overlap as subject areas they are unique disciplines that combine to give businesses a methodical and scalable approach to delivering those killer products whether they are b2b or b2c. The team at James Adams has over 10 years of experience helping organisations hire skill sets within UX and Product from designer to head of level.

Roles covered: Product Owner, Product Manager, Head of Product, UX Designer, UX Researcher, Information Architect, Lead UX Designer, Head of UX.

Leadership & Management

You need to build a senior team that’s able to manage all the critical areas of your business to take it to the next level.

James Adams has extensive experience of assisting organisations search for senior management, VP, Head of and C-Level talent across Software & Web Development, Delivery & Change, InfoSec, Cloud & Infrastructure, Data & Analytics and Product & User Experience.

Whether you’re a candidate looking for a new challenge or client looking to add to their team, we’re here to talk.

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